3 Mar 2011

Thankful thursday #4 by Ninfa Sferlazzo

This week I was feeling to poorly to write a post so my good friend Ninfa (who's also admin on the page and my second) stepped in to help me out, here's a book she's thankful for.

So,I was about 8 years old when I first noticed a copy of this book lying on my big cousin's desk in her Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet poster covered bedroom.

I was intrigued. When I asked to borrow it,she told me I was too young. She was about 16 at the time...
But the title stuck in my mind and just would not let go.
Arthurian legends had always fascinated me,and especially the character of Morgan la Fey.
It took me another 6 years before I could get my hands on a copy. I remember it very clearly because it was Xmas morning,1990 and I had,yet again,added the title to the very long list of books I wanted,but that year I struck lucky :)
It was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted until today,and still makes my heart flutter: my passion for Fantasy.
How can I describe the world of possibilities and enjoyement it opened to me?
Only if you have savoured the slow turning of pages,smelled the incredible scent of a new book,waited long and hard to get your hands on that title you just had to had...only if you have fallen in love with the characters,the world,the deepest,darkest meanings and secrets hidden through the lines,only then can you understand my amazement at this discovery.
The prologue is still one of the most thrilling pieces of writing I have ever read.
I still love every page,even though reading it again as an adult so many meanings have changed for me,so many emotions have turned into something different. But then again,that's what makes a great book to me,the fact that it always surprises you,even after the 30th time you've read it...for me,it's around the 34th now,with many more times to come in the future,Goddess willing.
So today,and every day,I am thankful to the talent and skillfull storytelling of Marion Zimmer Bradley,for giving me "The Mists of Avalon",still my favourite book of all time.
Ninfa xxx

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