16 Jul 2014

Love monster and the last chocolate - Review

Love monster and the last chocolate by Rachel Bright. 
A delicious new story about Love Monster, the only monster in Cutesville, from phenomenal, award-winning picture book talent Rachel Bright! When Love Monster finds a mystery box of chocolates at his door, he can't believe his luck. But he's soon thrown into a whirlwind of turmoil. Should he keep the chocolates for himself? Or risk the perils of sharing his good fortune with his friends? This super-funny-rumbly-tummy-sherbert-explosion of a story shows that when faced with the selection box of life, following your heart will bring you the best treats of all.

Children and adults alike can relate to this cute little story, who doesn't get a box of chocolates and want to eat them all to themselves? When Love monster arrives home from holiday to find a box of chocolates on his doorstep, this is the dilemma he faces, he knows he should share, but what if there aren't enough to go round? Will he do the right thing and share with his friends or will he sneak away to eat them by himself? Its a good message for children that's handled well in this story because it recognises that sometimes we don't want to share rather than just telling kids that they should, the book shows that sharing makes Love monster feels good about himself in the end, which is worth more than a box of chocolates, and in doing so he finds a surprise himself.
The illustrations are lovely too, I love the eye catching gold cover and all the pictures within which focus on what's happening with little background scenery but bright colours.
This is one to check out, it makes a nice bed time story with a message of sharing and friendship.

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  1. This is SO CUTE. Ordering it for my sister and myself!


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