12 Jun 2011

Click: an online love story review

Click: an online love story by Lisa Becker.

What's it about?
Renee Greene is approaching her 30th birthday and dreading it. Although a succesfull PR agent in LA,she's still single and tired of the dating scene.
Enters her friend Mark,who convinces her to try Online Dating...
Between the fun and the heinous dates,Renee will discover that love can really be found in the weirdest places,and that true friendship is a precious gift.

My review:
I haven't read many chick-lit novels but I think it's good to change it up every now and then, however, I've never read a book thats written as a series of emails between four friends, and have to say I did wonder how that could even be done... With great ease it seems for Ms Lisa Becker!
I was easily able to get into this breezy book right away and quickly found myself laughing out loud at Renee's escapades as she delves into the world of online dating.
Though your not actually there for the events but instead reading about them after through Renee's emails to her friends it doesn't feel like you've missed anything and the story is easy to follow.
I loved the characters to, best friend Shelley is hilarious and I constantly chuckled at Ashley's backhanded compliments. And Mark's anal retentiveness... Well, that just reminded me of myself lol
All the way through I was rooting for Renee to find the perfect guy and I think you will to, I highly recommend to all and look forward to reading anything else Ms Becker writes in the future because this was just excellent!

Click: A Online Love Story is available to purchase on
Amazon.com and B&N Nook
For UK residents,take a look at Amazon Kindle,but if you'd like to buy a paperback copy,here's the only link to follow:

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