10 Jun 2011

Dark swan: Storm born volume two review by Ninfa

"Dark Swan. Storm Born Volume 2" (Urban Fantasy Adult Comic).
by Mead,Alter and Hamann
published by Sea Lion Books.

Eugenie's story continues on Volume 2 of this amazing comic.
The artwork is still outstanding and the story still faithful to the book: Sexy,Fun and Kick Ass.
Eugenie is faced with some hard decisions and strange discoveries,and the guy she's just developing a crush for is not exactly what she expected him to be.
Can she trust anyone?
Volume 3 will be released next month and I cannot wait for the Graphic Novel to hit the UK stores later on this year (It's already on my XMas list!...Yes,I am very organized ;p)
Fantastic and packed full of action you will not be disappointed with Volume 2!

If your'e interested in finding out more about Storm Born,Richelle Mead or Sea Lion Books,here's a few handy links:


Also,you can find them on Facebook as
Richelle Mead
Sea lion books

Go get it Bookaholics!
Ninfa x

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