6 Jun 2013

Nail your books (12)

'Nail your books is a feature started by Cristina at The princess of storyland, where we share our book inspired manicures.

I know I've done MetaWars nails before (see here) but these ones are inspired by the cover of the latest in the series, Battle of the immortal.

Here's the cover

And my nails

I used Maybelline 'Winner takes it all,' Rimmel 'Black cab,' and a white Barry M nail art pen. As you can see these are similar to last time, except in black and gold, this time I choose to do a gradient effect but unfortunately it didn't come off very well but I still like it. I also drew the 'Guardians' and 'Millenials' symbols on my thumbs - readers of the books will know what they are - My symbol for the Millenials is a bit wonky because I'm just not that good drawing with my left hand lol but I like the overall result :)
What do you think?

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