27 Jan 2014

Kobo Aura HD - Review

Available for £139.99 from Kobo and WHSmith 

What is it?
The Aura HD is a sophisticated e-Reader that delivers the best reading experience for the most discerning booklover. Available in luxurious Ivory, Espresso and Onyx, the Kobo Aura HD transcends comfort with a beautiful ergonomic design. Offering the highest resolution available on the market, its front-lit 6.8” Pearl E Ink touch-screen showcases stories in a way that only a true Reader can appreciate – it’s e-Reading re-imagined.
Kobo’s eReaders and tablets are designed for those who love reading. With this in mind there are some fantastic features which will make reading on your Kobo a joy. The unique Beyond The Book feature allows readers to explore books in more detail than ever before, by tapping on highlighted words to discover related books, authors, articles and more. If you want to use your eReader for more than just books, then Kobo’s partnership with Pocket is perfect for you. Pocket allows you to upload any articles or web content on to your Kobo to read at a time that suits you.
The Kobo Aura HD is a sleek and sexy little machine, its light weight but feels tough too so I didn't feel like I had to be gentle with it, not that I'd start throwing it around either lol.
I found the device easy enough to use, with simple menus and easy reading. The only complaint I might have is a bit of a slow start up, you do have to wait a few moments for the system to load when you turn it on, or whenever you open up a book. But I love the design and how it feels in my hand. It's really easy to find your way around, either into the, well organised, online store or to look through your personal library, and I had no trouble connecting up to my wifi. Everything is laid out nicely and I love the reading stats that are easily accessible from both the home menu and during reading, they include an estimation on how much longer you have to read to finish the chapter your on and the book itself, based on your reading speed, and even has how many pages you've read, fun for anyone that likes to keep track or set themselves goals.
There's also a handy backlight, that you can quickly turn on from the push of a button on top of the ereader, with adjustable brightness, you can read in the dark without the danger of giving yourself if, like me, you're susceptible to them.
I found the display to be crisp and clear and the touch screen had the right amount of sensitivity, I wasn't accidentally turning pages by brushing by it and I didn't have to 'jab' at it either.
So, if you're looking to get yourself an ereader, I would definitely recommend the Kobo Aura HD for consideration, it does everything you would expect an ereader to do and then some.

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