12 Aug 2014

Dylan's amazing dinosaurs: The Stegosaurus - Review

Published by Simon and Schuster.

What's it about?
Join Dylan on his amazing dinosaur mission
Dylan loves exploring and learning all about dinosaurs. In his amazing treehouse he has a magic journal. Every time he opens it awesome things happen - even his toy pterodactyl comes to life! They fly off on dinosaur discovery missions to the Land of Living Dinosaurs. This time they are he has to discover what secret weapon a stegosaurus has.
If your little one is a fan of dinosaurs then they're going to love this book. Its full of facts about the Stegosaurus, lovely illustrations and a nice little story to showcase the facts given about this particular dinosaur, plus it solves one little mystery about the creature at the end. It's a fun book, worth adding to your little ones collection and follows in a similar series, each book focused on a different dinosaur, I haven't seen those ones for myself but judging by this one, I'd guess they're just as good.
It's lovely and colourful and comes with a pop up dinosaur for them to play with, creating extra fun, I will definitely be looking out for the other books in this series for my little boy who really enjoyed listening to me read this one to him and pointing out the pictures.

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