29 Jun 2011

Wednesdays Worldly covers - Week 19 (Extended edition)

This week I wanted to share with you the various covers for Harry Potter and the Philosphers stone by J.K Rowling. For a change though I'm going to start with the UK editions.

This are the childrens cover, the original and the recently released version. (There have been a couple more I think but these are the ones I've chosen to use)

And this is the adult version which is the one I have and prefer : )

And here's the American cover where it's called Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone
The German cover, Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen - Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone.

Italian - Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale - Also translates to The sorcerers stone.
The strangest one so far lol

French - Harry Potter à l'École des Sorciers - Also the sorcerers stone

Dutch - Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen - Again The Sorcerers stone.
I really like this one, especially the little owl with a letter at the top.

Spanish - Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal - The sorcerers stone

Persian - هری پاتر و سنگ جادو  - The sorcerers stone

And there are plenty more where these came from but I think I'll stop here!
Which ones your favourite?

28 Jun 2011

Top ten Tuesday #5

This week is my top ten book covers, because who doesn't love a pretty cover!
(Links go to Goodreads if you'd like to find out more about the book)

1. Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - I have to admit I first picked up this book because of the cover! Pictures really don't do justice to the shiny hardback on my shelf.

2. My Soul to take by Rachel Vincent - I love this cover, it fits really well with what the books about.

3. Fire by Kristin Cashore - I absolutely love the colours on this cover and the strong female with her windswept red dress and box and arrow looks just how I picture Fire.
4. Inside out by Maria V. Snyder - I just think this one fits in with the story so well
5. Die for me by Amy Plum - I haven't actually read this one yet so I don't know if it fits in with the story but I love the all the red and the black pattern, it makes me want to read it!
6. Wicked lovely by Melissa Marr - I actually like the covers to every book in this series but picked this one because it's the first, it's every bit as beautiful as the writing in the books is!
7. Fallen by Lauren Kate - I really like the darker side of this cover, it really makes you wonder what the girl is hiding her face from and the dress is amazing!
8. Awaken me by Emily Gossett - When I first saw this I liked it and thought it was pretty, after I read the book I realised just how well the two go together and I loved it!
9. Eyes like stars by Lisa Mantchev - Another one I haven't read but think is fantastic, up close in real life it really looks like a great work of art that I'd happily hang on my wall.

10. Raziel by Kristina Douglas - Does this one really need an explanation...

Next week I'm going to stick to the theme and post my top ten covers that aren't out yet, as usual if you'd like to join in and have your list included in the post to see how they compare then send it over to bookaholics@live.co.uk

Here lies Bridget blog tour and giveaway

Here Lies Bridget

A debut novel by 19-year-old

Paige Harbison

Published by Mira Ink £6.99

Mean girls watch out!

A brilliant insight into the mind of a gossip obsessed bully.

About the book.
Bridget Duke is the uncontested ruler of her school. The meanest girl with the biggest secret insecurities. And when new girl Anna Judge arrives, things start to fall apart for Bridget: friends don't worship as attentively, teachers don't fall for her wide-eyed "who me?" look, expulsion looms ahead and the one boy she's always loved—Liam Ward—can barely even look at her anymore.

When a desperate Bridget drives too fast and crashes her car, she ends up in limbo, facing everyone she's wronged and walking a few uncomfortable miles in their shoes. Now she has only one chance to make a last impression. Though she might end up dead, she has one last shot at redemption and the chance to right the wrongs she's inflicted on the people who mean the most to her.

And Bridget's about to learn that, sometimes, saying you're sorry just isn't enough….

About the Author.
Paige Harbison was 19 when she wrote Here Lies Bridget. She is the daughter of American chick lit Queen Beth Harbison and is currently working toward her Bachelor's Degree at Towson University in Baltimore, MD. Following in the footsteps of her mother,—who is author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous, which is being made into a movie starring Halle Berry-- 21 year old Paige has already signed a deal to give her book the Hollywood treatment. Paige is currently working on her second novel but is available for interview and feature writing.

Here's a couple of questions I asked Paige.
1. Here lies Bridget is a lot about the high school hierarchy and popularity, so, what were you like in high school?

I was a total floater. I hung out with everyone. I don’t know if it was just me, or just the people I hung out with most regularly, but popularity just never seemed that important. I was well-known, and—as far as I know—well-liked for the most part, so maybe it never mattered to me because I had some measure of popularity. But really, it wasn’t a huge deal to me. But I certainly saw it take over other people, so my objective view on the obsessive desire to be ‘on top’ gave me a good perspective to write from.

2. Were you in a particular social clique?
Nope. Like I said, I floated. I did plays, but I wasn’t a “theatre person,” I hung out with some people universally recognized as “popular” but I wasn’t part of any core “it “crowd.” I just hung out with anyone I liked.

3. You wrote the book quite young, had you always planned to pursue a writing career?
Not at all. My mom is an author (Shoe Addicts Anonymous, etc) so I’ve always been exposed to it. So maybe that’s why it never occurred to me. I was always great in English class and always loved to read, but writing an actual book wasn’t something I ever really aimed to do. But once I started, I really enjoyed it!

4. And lastly, are you a Bookaholic?
Totes. I don’t read everything, but I have always loved to read. I think the only reason I haven’t read a ton recently is because I was juggling work and graduating college in three years.

You can see my review of Here lies Bridget here.

To celebrate this being my very first blog tour and the fact that it's my birthday today I've decided to give away a copy of the book myself! Just fill in the very quick form to enter, you must of course be a blog follower and entry is open to anyone that the Book depository ships to, if your not sure if they ship to, you can find out here.
Closes at the end of the day July 5th.
Update: This giveaway is now closed


27 Jun 2011

Giveaway at Jagged edge blog

I came by a fantastic giveaway today! Just look at all that stuff up for grabs, and there's lots of books and ebooks to won to

To go and enter just follow the picture and please tell her Mist @Bookaholics sent you :)
Here's the deets:

Wow 5 Swag packs and 120 Books!!

Here ya go:
If you get the blog -
35 followers = 2 ebook of your choice
60 followers = 5 ebooks of your choice
75 followers = 7 ebooks of your choice
100 followers = 10 ebooks of your choice

There will be 5 winners for the prize packs.

1st place- Swag + 3 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's paranormal romances (Wolfe's Lady, Love Tattoo, or Love Scars) + a copy of Heavenly and a T-shirt.

2nd place- Swag + 2 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's contemporary romances(Love Never Fails or Kinfolk)

3rd place- Swag + 1 Book of choice

4th place- Swag + 2 ebooks of choice

5th place- Swag + 1 ebook of choice
More important information:
Start date: June 25
End Date: July 16

26 Jun 2011

In my mailbox #1

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren

This is the first time I'm participating in IMM, I was going to add a picture of my bookshelves to show you everything I've bought before this week but I decided against it lol Instead I've just decided to do two weeks worth instead!

13th June - 19th June

First off a trip to the works got me:
Eragon and Eldest by Christopher Paolini box set for £1.99!
Werewolves by Zachary Graves
Also for my son I got:
On my own by Jillian Harker
All in one piece by Jill Murphy
Roary's hide and seek adventure.

Then at Waterstones 3 for 2 table I bought:
Darkness becomes her by Kelly Keaton,
Forgotten by Cat Patrick
Time riders by Alex Scarrow.
Also bought:
Game of thrones: Book one of A song of ice and fire by George R.R. Martin
Enclave by Ann Aguirre
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher.

20th June - 26th June

Bought for my son:
The Cat in the hat and Horton hears a who! by Dr. Seuss.

Won: The iron king by Julie Kagawa.
Bought: Passion by Lauren Kate
My Kindle!!! (Happy birthday to me!) as you can see I also bought a pretty skin for it :)

Bought: Sunrise at sunset by Jaz Primo
Misty Black by Zuleika Arkadie
Free: The Iliad by Homer
Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

So, What did you get this week?

Awaken me review

Awaken me by Emily Gossett, releases July 22nd

What's it about?
After witnessing her fiancée murder her best friend two days before her wedding, Aimee decides to immediately flee from the life she only knows. Lost in a foreign city, Aimee comes in contact with a mysteriously handsome Italian stranger, who seems to know more about Aimee, than Aimee knows about herself. Quickly discovering that the last six years of her life have been a cover up to who she really is and where she came from. Aimee’s world, before her eyes , becomes a tsunami of conflicted emotions, undecidedly Torn between two men whom she loves deeply. Aimee ultimately finds her true identity, which is more lethal than either men, being the weapon the Rogues desire most. Aimee is anything but human.

My review:
I'd like to start by saying I actually liked this book, the storyline is very interesting and unique and the back story has been thought out. Right away the book starts with a shocking scene and keeps going from there with revelations even I hadn't guessed would happen.
The only problem I really had was with protag Aimee, for the first half I found her to be extremely immature considering she's 23 and she was often hot tempered for no reason. I also found it hard to believe that she was 'noticing' hot guys and flirting five minutes after she'd run away from her fiancé of six years, it didn't feel like she stopped to mourn the relationship. I did however really enjoy her blossoming romance with Alec, it was a lot slower paced and believable. I liked how the new relationship meshes with the old as Aimee starts regaining her memories, although it isn't actually explained why she's suddenly having flashbacks now after 7 years of amnesia, I expect it'll be explained further into the series. Alec is good for Aimee, he's quick to call her out when she's acting hot and cold and of course he's gorgeous, who can resist a sexy Italian! I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops and how Aimee develops herself, she does grow up some further on in the book and faces up to her responsibilities without flinching, I'm really interested in seeing what choices she will make.
I also liked best friend Iva a lot, and, though he wasn't in the book an awful lot, I really liked Marcus, he seems a very cool guy and I think he'll feature a lot more in the next book so I can't wait to get to know him more.
So to sum up, I'd definitely recommend this book and I'm looking forward reading more in this world that Ms Gossett has created.

Click here to see Emily's guest post

22 Jun 2011

The traveling book.

To see the blog that started the Traveling book and sign up to theirs just click on the picture : )

What is the traveling book?
Basically I'll pick two books, if your interested in reading either book and being a part of the traveling book then use the form to sign up. You can sign up for one or both. Then everyone who signed up will take turns to read the book, write a comment in it and then post it on to the next person on the list, until eventually it makes it back to me. If possible I'll then pass it onto the Author if they want it and they can see all the comments, which I'll also post on here for you, and it'll make a lovely keepsake for her/him.

  1. You must be willing to pay the international postage and packaging fees to pass on the book.
  2. You have a maximum of two weeks to read and send on the book.
  3. You have to let me know when you've recieved the book AND when you send it on so I can keep track.
  4. When you've finished reading, write on the inside cover or a blank page your name, where your from and a small comment of what you thought. (If there's no blank space then just write on a piece of paper and slip it between the pages, don't write over the words in the book.)
  5. I you choose to review the book, come back here and post a link and I'll include it in the post with all your comments from the book when it's over. This is optional though.
  6. Also if you want to you can add a postcard from your country or a bookmark or maybe even a book you don't want, as a gift for the next person then you can but it's not mandatory.
  7. And you must of course be a blog or page follower to participate.
  8. Once sign up is closed I will post the list of people and the order the book will go in, however I'll contact you when it's your turn so don't provide any postal details until I ask.
Right now that business is out of the way, time for the fun stuff! Here's the books I've picked:

Before I go to sleep by S J Watson.

Christine wakes up every morning in an unfamiliar bed with an unfamiliar man. She looks in the mirror and sees an unfamiliar, middle- aged face. And every morning, the man she has woken up with must explain that he is Ben, he is her husband, she is forty-seven years old, and a terrible accident two decades earlier decimated her ability to form new memories.

But it’s the phone call from a Dr. Nash, a neurologist who claims to be working with Christine without her husband’s knowledge, that directs her to her journal, hidden in the back of her closet. For the past few weeks, Christine has been recording her daily activities—tearful mornings with Ben, sessions with Dr. Nash, flashes of scenes from her former life—and rereading past entries, relearning the facts of her life as retold by the husband she is completely dependent upon. As the entries build up, Christine asks many questions. What was life like before the accident? Why did she and Ben never have a child? What has happened to Christine’s best friend? And what exactly was the horrific accident that caused such a profound loss of memory?

Every day, Christine must begin again the reconstruction of her past. And the closer she gets to the truth, the more un- believable it seems.

Sign up is closed for Before I go to sleep.

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey.

Violet Willoughby doesn't believe in ghosts, especially since her mother has worked as a fraudulent medium for a decade. Violet has taken part in enough of her mother's tricks to feel more than a little jaded about anyhting supernatural. The ghosts, however, believe in Violet and she's been seeing them everywhere. One ghost in particular needs Violet to use her emerging gift to solve her murder ...and prevent the ghost's twin sister from suffering the same fate.

 To sign up for Haunting Violet click HERE to go to the form.
Sign up closes 2nd July, the book will be sent when it's released on 4th July (yes I know it's already available in America, this is the UK version which is cheaper lol)

Wednesdays worldly covers - week 18

This week I thought I'd show you this creeptastic cover. It's Män som hatar kvinnor (Men who hate women) by Stieg Larsson which you of course know to be The girl with the Dragon tattoo. And here's the Dutch version as well Mannen die vrouwen haten which also translates to Men who hate Women.
And as usual here's the UK cover
and for fun I'll even throw in the movie tie-in cover :)
So, which do you prefer?


21 Jun 2011

Same difference #8

I was just happily book shopping when I came across After midnight by Lynn Viehl, I knew I'd seen that girl before and after racking my brain for five minutes and a quick search on Amazon I found What I wore to save the world by MaryRose Wood!
I definitely like what I wore to save the world better, which do you prefer?

Update 10/12/12
Private by Kate Brian
Taurus eyes by Bonnie Hearn Hill
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