19 Jun 2011

Guest Poster - Emily Gossett

                 'Behind the scenes' by Emily Gossett, author of Awaken me.

I began writing awaken me after I had a really intense dream. I woke up going I have to write this down! I never anticipated to have the book come to life the way it did. I though it would be a short story or a thought I had to write down. But the idea grew and grew! After finishing the first draft, which I wrote in a week, I sat back and was like wow, it has a mind of its own. I listened to a lot of music while i wrote and it helped me get in the mood of each scene. I love Edward Maya, his music really set the tone of the book. My main character Aimee was inspired by my sister "Aimee". Whom I actually added some of her personality into the character Aimee. Lol. A fun fact is that a lot of friends are like "is Aimee you?" I told them no, not intentionally. She just has a quirky personality traits like me. Marcus, the werewolf was my favorite male charter to write. His personality is really chilled and charismatic. He was a basically my close guy pal. After the second draft of the book I had a close friend read it and she called me when she was done asking when I would start the second book. It then hit me, maybe my story is good and worth sharing. It then sky rocketed after I had an agent read it. From there, it just became real for me, I'm my biggest critic and I'm so critical of my work that my friends had to pry my fingers from my manuscript and say we love it, don't change anything else. Lol. My husband was like it's bad enough you read and watch vampire movies, now you had to write your own. I was like ya. Vampires and supernatural in general has always fascinated me as a filmmaker and avid reader, so it was fun and exciting to create a world for Aimee and I'm so excited for the release!!!


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