21 Jun 2011

Top ten Tuesday #4

Thiw week it's my top ten book worlds/places I'd love to live in:
  1. Sitia from Maria V. Snyders Study and Glass series'
  2. Camp Half-Blood from Rick Riordans Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series'
  3. Faerie from Melissa Marrs Wicked lovely series
  4. The Dells from Kristin Cashores Fire
  5. Lorian (before it was destroyed lol) from Pittacus Lores I am number four
  6. Hogwarts from J.K Rowlings Harry Potter series
  7. Discworld from Terry Pratchetts Discworld series
  8. Narnia from C.S Lewis' Narnia series
  9. Wonderland from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland
  10. Partholon from P.C Casts Partholon series'
What are some of the worlds or places you'd love to live in or visit?

Next week I'll be listing my top ten favourite covers, if you'd like to get involved and have your top ten included in the post then send it to bookaholics@live.co.uk


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