26 Jun 2011

Awaken me review

Awaken me by Emily Gossett, releases July 22nd

What's it about?
After witnessing her fiancée murder her best friend two days before her wedding, Aimee decides to immediately flee from the life she only knows. Lost in a foreign city, Aimee comes in contact with a mysteriously handsome Italian stranger, who seems to know more about Aimee, than Aimee knows about herself. Quickly discovering that the last six years of her life have been a cover up to who she really is and where she came from. Aimee’s world, before her eyes , becomes a tsunami of conflicted emotions, undecidedly Torn between two men whom she loves deeply. Aimee ultimately finds her true identity, which is more lethal than either men, being the weapon the Rogues desire most. Aimee is anything but human.

My review:
I'd like to start by saying I actually liked this book, the storyline is very interesting and unique and the back story has been thought out. Right away the book starts with a shocking scene and keeps going from there with revelations even I hadn't guessed would happen.
The only problem I really had was with protag Aimee, for the first half I found her to be extremely immature considering she's 23 and she was often hot tempered for no reason. I also found it hard to believe that she was 'noticing' hot guys and flirting five minutes after she'd run away from her fiancé of six years, it didn't feel like she stopped to mourn the relationship. I did however really enjoy her blossoming romance with Alec, it was a lot slower paced and believable. I liked how the new relationship meshes with the old as Aimee starts regaining her memories, although it isn't actually explained why she's suddenly having flashbacks now after 7 years of amnesia, I expect it'll be explained further into the series. Alec is good for Aimee, he's quick to call her out when she's acting hot and cold and of course he's gorgeous, who can resist a sexy Italian! I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops and how Aimee develops herself, she does grow up some further on in the book and faces up to her responsibilities without flinching, I'm really interested in seeing what choices she will make.
I also liked best friend Iva a lot, and, though he wasn't in the book an awful lot, I really liked Marcus, he seems a very cool guy and I think he'll feature a lot more in the next book so I can't wait to get to know him more.
So to sum up, I'd definitely recommend this book and I'm looking forward reading more in this world that Ms Gossett has created.

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  1. Great review! It really bugs me when a character doesn't act the way a "normal" person would in a situation. Or even in a way that fits his or her character.

  2. great review misty :) ive just been given this to review as well. so it will be interesting to see what i think :)

  3. After reading the entire book, I have got to say I can not wait for the rest of the story! Aimee's mood swings are attributed to the " thing" that Aimee is, her immaturity reveals the naivety to her really not knowing who she was, or is, for that matter. I am intrigued, and only wish the second book was already available!


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