14 Jun 2011

Mystery at Ocean drive Review

Mystery at Ocean Drive by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

What's it about?
When 17 yr old Jason Hunter sets out to discover the identity of the mystery girl at Ocean Drive he and his friends find themselves caught up in a risky intrigue.
Jason is delivering newspapers on his motorbike when a Mercedes sweeps out of a driveway in front of him. He loses control of his scrambler and almost ends up under the car’s wheels. An attractive teenage girl leaps out to ask if he is hurt, but before Jason can reply the girl is bundled back into the Mercedes and driven off.
Jason’s instincts warn him that the girl is in trouble.
The following day he sees her in an upstairs window, but when he asks to speak to her he is told that there is no young girl living there. Why?
Jason is not about to give up and he enlists the help of his friends, Mark and David. Together they make a daring attempt to learn the girl’s identity, but just as it seems to be working, things go horribly wrong...
Has Jason’s intriguing mystery now put all three boys in danger?

My review:
This is a great mystery book for young boys! Although I'm a grown woman and I enjoyed it to lol
It's a short, fast paced book that will keep you guessing right the way through. the action starts up right away and doesn't give to the very end.
The lead character is a great role model for young boys, he's clever and persistant and also has a pair of great friends willing to help him whenever he needs it.
I found it to be a throughly enjoyable, well written read. It has a very interesting story that I'll be saving for my son when he's older... and my daughters!



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