10 Aug 2011

Graphic contest cancelled

I'm really bummed to say we're having to cancel this contest.
Unfortunately we have only recieved three entries which just isn't enough for a contest. The blog will still be getting it's make-over but I'll be designing it myself. As for the prizes, well I'm not sure yet what I'll do with them, will probably thing up another giveaway I suppose :(


  1. oh! I never entered because I thought I wouldn't stand any possibility...I am not a designer and lacking time isn't helping....anyway...I am sorry to hear it didn't work out!

  2. Sad to hear it....I can just about figure out my own blog page let alone design something special for the comp. Good luck:)

  3. Are you going to post the entries that were submitted? Just so we can see them? I know a lotta work was put in to them.

    Tara @ Shhh... Not While I'm Reading

  4. Sure I can do Tara,will try to put them up tomorrow :)

  5. Cant believe you only got 3 entries. Im not very computer literate so would have no clue how to go about designing anything!!! Love the new colour scheme though.

  6. Me either Natalie, we did actually get four but I couldn't open the file and the entrant couldn't covert it so couldn't use it.

    Thanks, the blogs still a work in progress that's why it looks a bit messy, I got to tired last night and it was going mega slow!


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