16 Aug 2011

Top ten Tuesday #11

Top ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The broke and bookish

This weeks top ten is:
There isn't one *gasp* it's freebie week where we all make up our own top tens!
So after checking out a few other lists I decided to go with my top ten Blogs and/or Facebook pages you should check out.

1. Totally Bookalicious - I first met Siobhan on Facebook when she was setting up her Love fantasy and Sci-fi novels page and I had not long started my own since then we've helped each other out a lot (or at least she's helped me lol) and when I saw the success she had when she started a blog I eventually decided to do one myself. Siobhan later started up a second blog Thoughts of a mad hatter but has recently merged them together to make Totally Bookalicious :) (Facebook page: Totally Bookalicious)

2. Book passion for life - I've been a fan of this blog for a while and really enjoyed their posts, so it was pretty cool when I got chatting to one of the girls Donna recently only to find we didn't just live down the road from each other but that we're the same age and both have duaghters called Isabelle! (Different spellings though) So we did recently meet up and talk books and she's a real cool lady. She runs the blog with Jessica who is equally cool. (Facebook page: Book passion for life)

3. Ya-Aholic - I've only recently started follwing Haley's blog but it's a lot of fun and she's lovely. I visit the blog often already and I even pinched one of her ideas to post 'What I'm reading' when I start a new book (She doesn't have a Facebook page but you can add her here: Ya-Aholic Reviews)

4. Fiktshun - I love this blog to, there's also a companion blog, Fiktshuns Ramblings, that has some great posts, or Ramblings if you will. I definitely think you should check it out, I've spoken to Rachel a number of times on the Facebook page and she's always super nice and helpful. (Facebook page: Fiktshun)

5. Best books - This is another one run by two lovely girls, though I think it's more run by Annmarie who does reviews and such, the page on Facebook is always very lively and fun (Facebook page: Best books)

6. The Bookshelf - I think this blog is mainly used for giveaways and reviews as Melissa doesn't post there often but I still think you should follow as they're fab giveaways lol then check out the page on Facebook, it has a big following and is always busy and generally just a great page (Facebook page: The Bookshelf)

7. Cheezyfeet books - This is one of the first blogs I started following when I set up a blogger account, there's always lots going on and Bella is really nice :)

8. Belle books - I'm also a bit of a newbie to following this blog but I like it a lot (Facebook page: Belle Books)

9. Book Soulmates - If you don't already know, this is the blog that hosts the awesome feature Random Acts of Kindness, which put simply is people buying each other books! What can be better than that, they also have a lot of other fun stuff going on so check it out (Facebook page: Book <3 Soulmates)

10. Reading Angel - I can't remember how I came across this blog, I think it was when I was browsing IMMs, but anyway I really like it so you should to lol (Facebook page: Reading Angel)

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