1 Sept 2012

Showcase Saturday (16)

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27th Aug - 2nd Sept

Hi guys, this week I only got four books so I decided not to do a video but here is a photo for your viewing pleasure!
The rise of nine by Pittacus Lore - This was a preorder, I already read a proof copy of this book a few weeks ago and its really good.
Love at second sight by Cathy Hopkins - These were both off Donna from Book passion for life, the first has been on my wishlist for a while so I'm really excited to have it! Thanks Donna :)
For review
When she woke by Hilary Jordan - Not heard of this but it sounds amazing and might just be my next read as it's out in a couple of weeks.

What did you get this week?


  1. Nice. So many interesting YA books this week. Love seeing what people get in their hauls, mailboxes, or STS every week. Come check out my STS post as well.


  2. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week!

    My IMM =)

  3. hen She Woke is very good, I think it's out now, it was in Asda the other day. I had a quick flick through The Rise of Nine and I think I'm going to wait for the paperback and see of the font changes, I didn't think the text in the hardback.

  4. Ooh I forgot to ask, which edition is How To Ruin a Summer Vacation? I've only ever see the black cover with the guy and girl on the front

  5. Ooh, I would love Love at Second Sight! I hope you enjoy these lovelies, Mist! :)

  6. Great haul! These all look really promising, I'll have to check them out for sure. Although, I wasn't a massive fan of Number Four by Pittacus Lore... hopefully this one's better?

    My Showcase Sunday post is here :)

  7. Nice haul, When she woke and How to Ruin a Summer vacation look good. Enjoy them!

  8. Awesome books! :) I adore Cathy Hopkins, so I hope you enjoy that book. I was asked to review The Rise of Nine but I have had no response to my response so far, lol o_O Happy reading! :)
    My Showcase Sunday:

  9. I really must read Pittacus Lore's books, I've heard good stuff about them. Enjoy your reads. :o)

  10. Fantastic Book. I still havent read Rise of Nine Lol.

    Check out Our Book Haul


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