28 May 2011

Dark swan: Storm born volume one review by Ninfa

"Dark Swan. Storm Born Volume 1" (Urban Fantasy Adult Comic).
by Mead,Alter and Hamann
published by Sea Lion Books.

Story: Eugenie Markham is a powerful shaman specialized in banishing spirits and fey who cross into the mortal world uninvited. As a mercenary she goes by the name Odile,The Dark Swan.
But banishing is not her only power,and soon Eugenie will discover that her life is about to change,and not for the better.
The supernatural world has discovered her true name,and they seem to want a lot more than that...so what's a girl to do?
When she is offered a contract to find a teenage girl that has been kidnapped by the Gentry,the ancient name for Faeries,Eugenie has to decide whether to take the dangerous road into the Otherworld,or ignore the signs that are telling her that something dark is on the move,and she might just be the eye of the storm.

Adapted from Richelle's Mead omonimus book,Storm Born Vol.1 is the perfect introduction to Eugenie's world.
The artwork is amazingly accurate and vividly trasnposes Richelle's words into wonderful imagery.
When I read the book,this is exactly how I pictured the characters and it's a pleasure to see them come to life so perfectly.
The dialogues are equally accurate and should you decide to read the Comic without reading the book,you'll find the same sassy,fun,fast paced dialogues and story development,so technically you could easily jump from book to comic or viceversa without missing a beat.
I really love Hamann's gorgeous artwork,he's captured Eugenie and her world down to the smallest details.
This is an excellent beginning to a series that will see another 7 volumes in the series and 2 Graphic novels that will collect Volumes 1 to 4 and Volumes 5 to 8.
I personally cannot wait for the next one.
If you love kick ass girls,supernatural worlds and creatures,and fun story lines,this is the comic for you. Also,it doesn't hurt that the main guy in this volume,Kiyo,is hot as hell ;p
Incidentally,if you've never bought a Comic or Graphic Novel in your life,perhaps this is the time to start? ;)

Even though the comic is currently only available in the US and Canada,the Graphic Novel format will be also available in the UK. In addition to that some stores might ship Internationally,though costs are usually fairly high.
If your'e interested in finding out more about Storm Born,Richelle Mead or Sea Lion Books,here's a few handy links:

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