31 May 2011

Top ten Tuesday #1

I've seen this meme around and thought it looked like fun so I've decided to start doing it until I run out of things to list lol

Up first I've decided to list the Top ten book guys I love.

1. Niall from Melissa Marrs Wicked Lovely series - I first fell in love with Niall reading ink exchange, the second book of the series which he features in the most. Firstly because, yeah, he sounds smokin hot! Or at least I imagine him to be lol I think i found myself so attracted to him because of his brooding bad boy image and dark personality but at the same time his fierce protectiveness and how deeply he falls in love with Leslie (though I imagined that was me haha)

2. Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyers Twilight saga - Yes that's right, I went for what's probably now a 'cliche' choice, but I don't care! lol Twilight was the first ya book I read and as Bella fell for Edward so did I. It's hard not to with that book with the way Bella describes him with Stephenies great writing!

3. Adrian Ivashkov from Richelle Meads Vampire academy series - Another bad boy, I have a type lol But whilst Adrian is seen as a bad boy because he smokes and drinks - a lot! - we get to know him and find out why he's how he is and then when he falls for Rose we see him sensitive and vulnerable, by that point how could I not fall for him!

4. Ethan Wate from Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohls Caster chronicles - Ethan is just a great caring guy, He's funny, loyal and would do anything for Lena, all great traits in a boyfriend!

5. Sam Roth from Maggie Stiefvaters Wolves of Mercy falls series - Just another great guy (They mostly go like that from here lol)

6. Shane collins from Rachel Caines Morganville Vampires series - Though he has a hot temper and can have trouble expressing his emotions I love shane, he's a lovely guy who cares for his friends and is willing to risk his life for them.

7. Jason Freeman from Alex Duvals Vampire beach series

8. Lucas Ross from Claudia Grays Evernight series

9. James Stark from P.C and Kristin Casts House of Night series

10. Peeta Mellark from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games series - Obviously not in 'that' way, he's much to young for me. But I think he's lovely and brave and noble and perfect for Katniss.
What are some of your top ten guys? And not neccesarily 'hot' ones but the guys in books who are great guys for any reason

Also if you have suggestions for future top ten lists, well, that would be great!



Go on, comment and tell me what you think of this post... I dare you!

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