2 Aug 2012

Same difference (32)

Die for me by Amy Plum - Revenants book one
Die Stadt des roten Todes - Das Mädchen mit der Maske by Bethany Griffin (Translation: The city of the Red Death - The girl with the mask.) Otherwise known to us as Masque of the red death. - Masque of the red death book one.

I've always loved the Die for me cover but nearly dies when I saw the cover for the German cover of Masque of the red death, it's so gorgeous! I love what has been done with the colours and the feather tattoo is so cool, I also like the watermark pattern at the top, the die for me cover is still great but I prefer the other cover better!

Which do you prefer?


  1. Definitely prefer Die for Me minus all the patterns!

  2. They are very similar but I like the Masque of the red death one a bit more. :)


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