6 Aug 2012

Torn - Review

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What's it about?

Afghanistan. In the heat and dust, young British army medic Elinor Nielson watches an Afghan girl walk into a hail of bullets. But when she runs to help, Ellie finds her gone. Who is she? And what's happened to her? What Ellie discovers makes her question everything she believes in, even her feelings for the American lieutenant who takes her side.

My review
Normally I wouldn't pick up a book that's set in a war zone, but after reading the blurb for Torn I just felt that it would be different and knew I wanted to give it a try.
At 259 pages this was a really quick read for me and I breezed right through it engrossed in the story, it was different to other books like this, sure it had a message but there was a story and relationships and a little romance, I really enjoyed it and think it will appeal to young readers.
I think I'll first point out that I would've liked the romance to be a little more in depth, but other than that I really enjoyed the book, Ellie is a great caring character who genuinely just wants to help people, you know she's scared by the position she is in, but she goes ahead and gets on with it for the greater good, I really loved watching her unlikely friendship with Husna, and how protective she became over him.
The story itself was intriguing and there was a lot of excitement and mystery with highs and lows that kept me riveted throughout.
Torn is an exciting read full of suspense and I will be recommending it to my friends.

My thoughts on the cover
This cover really stands out, I like the bright orange cover and all the extra details, like the helicopter and the barbed wire, it really gives a sense of the book.

Favourite quotes
'Day one is almost over, I'm still alive and despite my exhaustion I'm beginning to think I might just make a real soldier.'

'"Elinor, when this tour is over I'll make it my mission to find you." He smiles. "and I've never failed a mission yet."'

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  1. Great review. I'm still not 100% I'll read it yet. but after your review i might.


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