2 Mar 2014

I love you night and day - Review

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What's it about?
I love you wild, I love you loud.
I shout it out and I feel proud.
I love you night, I love you day.
In every moment come what may. 
The pages in this fabulously warm and reassuring picture book are bursting with exuberance, warmth and humour. A celebration of love - it's the perfect present to give to the one you love, and offers a heartfelt and affirming message of unconditional love that is pitched just right for little ones. This is a picture book that will be read again and again, and treasured for years to come.
Mine and Oliver's review 
This book is a short and sweet tale about how much two friends love each other. The whole of the book continues the same as the little snippet in the description like 'I love you big' and 'I love you small.' I liked the small inclusion of opposites, whether it was intentional or not and its a nice way of showing kids that there are so many ways you can love someone. It was a nice story for bedtime as its quite a calm and slow tale and Oliver looked at the lovely images while I read him the story. We both really enjoyed it and talking about it the next morning, I tried to get Oliver to pick a favourite part but he said he liked it all.

Favourite illustration
Our favourite image is of Bear and Bunny have their backs turned to each other because they've fallen out but they are still saying they love each other. It shows that even when you're mad at someone or upset with them, you can still love them.

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