26 Jan 2011

Fantasy casting #2

With the confirmed date for the movie release of the much anticipated The hunger games movie adapted from the popular 'The hunger games' book by Suzanne Collins, casting can't be far away.
Already somebody has mentioned they think Nicola Peltz, most recently seen in The last airbender, is perfect for the role of Katniss Everdeen.
What do you think? Do you agree, or do you think someone else is better suited?


  1. Yes! I always thought she and the girl from True Grit; Hailee Steinfeld are both good candidates. I just can't wait to see who actually gets casted because their lives will change haha =D

  2. I think she would do good too

  3. I think kaya scodelario is perfect for the role. She an awesome actress and is how I picture Katniss in my head. Rumours has that both Kaya and Nicola have read the script

  4. Lots of us been fantasy casting this and other stuff for awhile now at storycasting.com http://www.storycasting.com/work.aspx?id=30ac330b-f54b-4127-8ff1-f217b291f9f4

    if you havent already come play too!

    Mish :)


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