27 Jan 2011

Wound too tight review

Wound too tight by TJ Perkins

What's it about?
Summer vacation in Maine promises to be exciting for Shawn and his friends until they uncover a lost treasure from an evil pirate named Simon de Cruel and a very special watch. Each boy decides to keep some of the treasure for himself, but an inscription on the inside of an enchanted pocket watch warns of danger to those who touch the pirate's treasure. One by one the boys begin to disappear, and the curse of the pirate touches the lives of all those close to Shawn. It's up to him to discover the secret of the watch, save the lives of his friends, and put an end to the wickedness unleashed on his home town - before time runs out!  

My review:
I can't wait to give this book to my son (he's only 19 months so I have a wait) although I think girls and adults will love it to, i think it's perfect for little boys, with a strong male lead, a tight group of friends and of course pirates! I found Shawn to be laid back and head strong and a natural leader amongst his group, even if he doesn't realise it. The writing is easy to get into and the story is lovely. I recommend to all.
You can see more of TJ Perkins and find out where you can buy this and more books by her here

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