21 Jan 2011

Guest Blogger - Linda Boulanger

Obsession of the BEST kind by Linda Boulanger
The shelf life of a novel writing book writer

I have a name, but you may as well call me Bookaholic!  I’m obsessed with books – so much so that I decided to start my own small press publishing company (TreasureLine Books & Publishing) to support my addiction. Now, on a daily basis, I read and promote books by new and rising authors.  You might call it a bookaholic obsession of the worst kind because working with every detail of these books - from editing to formatting to cover creation to marketing - I know I’m going to become extremely involved in their characters, almost as if they were my own.  I actually love that!  To me, it’s an obsession of the BEST kind.
I’m pretty sure my obsession started when I was a young pre-teen.  We lived in Alaska and trips “home” came with 12 plus hours of flying and waiting in various airports.  My mom presented me with a stack of age-appropriate novel options.   As I grew up, romance books captured my heart – I always blamed it on my February birthday.  It is also my genre choice as an author.  I can’t resist a happy-ever-after ending, though I do want a certain amount of turmoil and characters who make me route for them before they get their happy life.  That’s the type of life I enjoy reading about and also the type I created for my character Claire in my newly released Arms of an Angel. (I'm just a little excited about this book!)
A bookaholic obsession provides a means of escape of the best kind; one I don't want to do without.  Where else are you not only able but also allowed to disappear and live the life of another, except when you find the time to slip into the pages of a good book?!


  1. That is awesome! Starting your own small press like that sounds like a hell of an idea. It also sounds like something potentially up & coming Canadian authors need. hmm... *makes a note*

    I love the Bookaholics! They're a fantastic group! Nice to meet you too, Ms. Boulanger!

  2. Hi Jenn! Glad to see you making notes :-) There are so many fantastic authors out there just waiting for a chance to find an audience for their stories. I had a hand-holder when I started and wanted the opportunity to extend that helping hand to others. I will tell you, it is work...but work of a most rewarding kind.


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