11 Feb 2011

Guest Blogger - Siobhan Phinn

My Own Personal Brand of Heroin by Siobhan Phinn

Yes, I did just quote Twilight. Why, because I wanted to =P
Ok. growing up I was never a big reader. However, being only about 10 i think when the first Harry Potter book was published I grow up on the magical world of Hogwarts. I also had read a few of the vampire chronicles novels by Anne Rice after seeing the movie Interview with a Vampire with I was 12.

However, it was until early 2009 that a wonderful friend told me to read the Twilight book that I found my love for reading. I didn't know that they were a book. I knew at the time there was a movie called Twilight that was about Vampires. I wasn't even interested. I remember thinking "Why would anyone want to watch a movie about sparkling vampires with no fangs?" Boy was I wrong. When I finally gave in to my friend and I bought the books I was hooked. And I have never looked back since. I will admit I became somewhat obsessed and still am. Books and movies I am there. Team Jacob woohoo. lol.

After reading them, I went in search for more books and realised I had been missing out on so many great books and I haven't stopped reading since. I am addicted to it. It's my drug and I don't ever planning on quitting it. No rehab for me. oh no no no. (haha I love Amy)

So thank you for listening (well, reading) about my addiction. And Thanks to Misty
for having a wonderful page and blog. It was one of the first pages I join when I decided to jump on the facebook band wagon.


  1. Thanks for making my page your feature friday and thanks for letting me do a guest post Had no idea what to write about lol

  2. Lol your welcome and thanks for writing it : )
    Anytime you wanna guest post again just lemme know


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