4 Feb 2011

I am number four review

What's it about?
John Smith is not your average teenager. He regularly moves from small town to small town. He changes his name and identity. He does not put down roots. He cannot tell anyone who or what he really is. If he stops moving those who hunt him will find and kill him. But you can't run forever. So when he stops in Paradise, Ohio, John decides to try and settle down. To fit in. And for the first time he makes some real friends. People he cares about - and who care about him. Never in John's short life has there been space for friendship, or even love. But it's just a matter of time before John's secret is revealed. He was once one of nine. Three of them have been killed. John is Number Four. He knows that he is next ...

My review:
Although the kind of narrative used in this book is usually one that I find hard to get into i had no trouble with this. Within a few pages I was already hooked and knew I'd like it. I thought John was a very brave straight forward hero and the bond between him and Henri, his father figure, is lovely, it's obvious how much they care for each other and what Henri has given up for John without a second thought. I thought the romance was very sweet though hardly the romance of the century, but then this isn't a romance book so it can be excused. The only complaint I had was a I found a bit of a lull in the middle of the book when there was some action before it went 'quiet' again before the action started up again at the end. But I still found it excellent and even cried my eyes out at the end. Definitely recommend to all and I cannot wait for both the movie and the sequel 'the power of six' out in august.
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  1. Great review! Cnt wait to read this.

  2. Thanks!
    I wrote it this morning when I was tired and was actually worried it was rubbish lol

  3. Great interview,I just ordered the book and I'm ecited to read it before the movie comes out.Thanks for your insight!

  4. Great review! I've been wanting to read this book, and now I think I'll have to pick it up sometime soon.


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