20 May 2013

Oh no! - Review

What's it about?

Oh No! is a delightful book about things that can go wrong, sometimes practical and sometimes just funny but guaranteed to make the children giggle!  
13 different spreads, 13 clear transparent pages. Can you guess what happens next? Flip the acetate page over to find out.
Mine and Oliver's review
Oh no! is a really fun book with some great illustrations, there aren't any words so it encouraged us to discuss what was happening in the picture and what has gone wrong when we flipped over the acetate sheet. We've previously had a couple of books in this series and he really enjoyed them and liked Oh no! just as much as did his sisters and friend! There are some funny pictures in this one, like a girl being flown in the air by balloons and a cat eating a bird, which made the children laugh and we flipped back to the start numerous times after reaching the end before they let me put it away, though it didn't last long as Oliver insisted on taking it to bed with him to look at by himself. Safe to say that Oh no! is a winner in our household.

Favourite illustration
I think our opinions might differ here but my youngest, Isabelle (2) seemed most taken with the dinosaur on the last page, which flips from when Dinosaurs ruled the Earth to being in a museum!

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  1. Sounds cute. Thanks for the review. I wish there were more of kids books.


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