1 May 2013

UK vs THE WORLD (66)

UK vs. The world is a weekly meme I made up lol.
It's simlair to UK vs. US except the UK covers are battling it out with their foreign counterparts from all over the world, because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

UK                        vs                   Lithuania
Chronicles of Nick book one.
('BegalybÄ—' translates to 'Infinity.' - According to Google translate.)

Mist: Personally I prefer the UK cover here, it just has a little more to it, I like the guy in shadows and the bits of a pattern watermarked onto the cover. The Lithuanian cover is similar but just doesn't quite pull off the same dark look, the kid looks too young and I'm not sure what the hand is all about.

Ninfa: Both covers are really nice, dark and atmospheric. I like the silhouette of the guy in the UK cover, with the light bursting from behind him, but I think the Lithuanian cover is my favourite. I just love the light glowing from the open book, it gives it such a magical touch, and the intent expression on the cover model.
Both covers are really good, but for me it's a Lithuanian win by a tiny margin.

Which do you prefer?

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