21 Apr 2014

The wilderness - Review

The disappeared book two.
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What's it about?
On the run after the uprising at the Academy, Blake and Kay have ended up with the criminals and the crazies in the place of childhood nightmares, the Wilderness. Here, in a ghost city, they find a bloodthirsty captain training a ruthless Resistance who are everything Blake has hoped for, except for one thing: they're a bunch of kids. Blake thinks he can use the Resistance's plans to get close enough to kill his father, The Leader, ending his brutal and bloody treatment of the underclass. Simple. But what Blake discovers about his father and the devastating methods of the Resistance is anything by simple. Who is controlling the country? And who can he really trust?
My review
I don't know why, but it felt like I waited a million years for this book, when in truth, it was about ten months ago that I read the first, I guess I've just been that excited to read it and luckily it didn't disappoint. The first book, The disappeared, was a great introduction to this world and we got to learn a great deal about it from Blake because he started his life in one part of it and ends up seeing a whole new side to his world when he is forced into an Academy. In The wilderness we see and learn even more when he escapes into the Wilderness and joins the resistence, we literally see the other side of the fence and how people live there and as usual its not all as it seems. I liked the way the story played out and I liked how the book ended, basically I really, really liked it! C.J. Harper is great at telling a story and building up the tension until the final moments.
I have to be honest though, sometimes Blake got on my nerves, he's way to negative about everything and can be pretty big headed and judgemental but his heart is in the right place and his budding relationship with Kay is all kinds of cute so I forgive him because he does at least try to do the right thing. Kay on the other hand I really like, she's a hardass and smart but people always underestimate her because of a limited vocabulary which is a shame but something she can use to her advantage. I also have to mention new guy Ven because I just loved hating him lol He's a total dick out loud but his sarcasm made me laugh and a lot of the time I could see through it, by the end I felt like I could read him, no pun intended!
So, yeah, if you liked the first book then don't miss this because its frigging awesome!

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