18 Oct 2012

Same difference (34)

'Same difference' is an irregular feature I post when I find book covers that share a model or item.

Time riders book six.
Ashes trilogy book two.

As you can tell these two covers share a model but they very different. Personally I love the dark green colour of Shadows and I think its my favourite of the two, City of shadows just has so much going on on it but it is a pretty cool cover none the less.
Thank you Braiden from Book probe for the tip!

Which do you prefer?


  1. Oh good pick! I prefer Shadows cover. its so dark and creepy, i love it.

  2. The do look a lot alike. Same woman in both.

  3. I deff agree, I like Shadows cover more! :D I like the font on Time Riders but that's about it for the other book! (:

  4. Yea, I like Shadows the best! It's quite eerie... :) Thanks for sharing.


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