19 Jul 2012

Guest post - Adeeb Nami

Me and reading.
By Adeeb Nami from Bookville

For me, I think I've always been a reader, but not a bookaholic until quite recently. I always remember reading Enid Blyton books as a kid. I think my mom always encouraged me to read. Then I went into the world of Harry Potter. I was starting to become a bookaholic. I kept on reading and reading. So when Harry Potter ended, my reading was on hold. I had nothing to read. I didn't know about good books. In eighth grade I think, one of my classmates was reading a Darren Shan book. I was attracted to the cover and asked my friend to borrow the book. He lent it to me, and since then, I'm a devoted Darren Shan fan. Then, I kept checking the bookstores for YA(young adult) books, since I found them quite interesting. Also, I somehow found Goodreads (a site I visit regularly) and a facebook page for books. Eventually I found the "book community". I have many awesome friends and I enjoy lots of my time in this community. This led me to make my own blog =).
Currently, I have a passion for young adult books. I read a little bit of adult fiction too. I'm trying to mix reading genres. I am the book geek in my family. Everyone is shocked by how much I read and think I have a superhuman reading ability hahahaha.

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  1. Hey Adeeb, I think I'm a little like you, Harry Potter kick-started my bookish ways & there has been no going back for me. I still re-read the entire Harry Potter series once a year lol (obsessed much!?). Thanks for sharing this little insight into your reading journey :)

  2. Haha lol Carly :) Harry Potter <3 TOO MANY GOOD MEMORIES

    And Misty thanks for this :)


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