8 Jul 2012

Temptation island - Review

Temptation island by Victoria Fox
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What's it about?
Welcome to Paradise. Only the rich are invited...only the strongest survive. But is it heaven on earth or a devil s playground? Fame. Money. Success. Lori wants them Aurora is being destroyed by them, and Stevie s got them at her best friends expense. These three women are all drawn unwittingly to the shores of Temptation Island, all looking for their own truth. But they discover a secret so shocking there s no turning back. It s wicked, it s sensational. Are you ready to be told? The island promises the one thing money can t buy - but the glittering waters drown dark secrets... The price is devastating.
My review
I have to say, when I agreed to reviewing this book I hadn't realised it was 600+ pages! I think it would've been a great beach read had it not been so long. As it's told from three points of view over a span of three years, it's more like three books in one. It starts with a young boy finding a body on the beach, then goes back to tell the three girls stories and the mystery unravels until we're back to the end to find out who the body was and how they got there.
To be honest, this book was so long, by 400 pages I'd lost some interest in finding out the mystery involving the body and all the other scandals that play out, I didn't find it completely gripping but it had it's moments.
Of the three girls Aurora was my favourite, she truly goes on a journey throughout the book and learns a lot about herself which was interesting to watch/read, I was of course hoping she'd come out the other side more mature and a better person, but I won't tell you if that happens!
Stevie and Lori were nice enough but they just didn't catch my attention like Aurora did, maybe my own rebellious past sparked a kinship with her lol.
It was written well enough and wouldn't put me off trying more books by the author in the future, she did a great job of wrapping all three stories up together. I think I'd have liked it a lot more if it had been shorter or maybe split into two books but I did like it.

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  1. Fab review, Mist :)Yep it's hard to stay interested in a really long book, unless it's Harry Potter lol! This does sound interesting though, I'm glad you think it wrapped up well in the end! :)


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