4 Jul 2012

UK vs THE WORLD (28)

UK vs. The world is a weekly meme I made up lol.
It's simlair to UK vs. US except the UK covers are battling it out with their foreign counterparts from all over the world, because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

UK                          vs.                   Bulgaria
Bloodlines book one.
('Кръвни връзки' translates to 'Blood ties.' - According to google translate.)

Mist: The Bulgaria cover is pretty but it's kinda plain and boring to. I much prefer the deep colours of the UK cover and the model looks more like the image I have of Sydney and the half a guy in the cover is intriguing. UK win!

Ninfa: I've always loved the UK cover, the stark contrast with the red background and the beautiful font of the title. I love the live version cause you can see the raised parts of the title as well, it's just a wonderful cover.
 The Bulgarian cover is lovely too, I like the tattoo on the cheek (though I prefer how it's done in the UK cover) but the model is a little too sweet looking to be Sydney in my opinion.
 All in all the Bulgarian cover is nice, but the UK cover kicks ass :)
UK wins.

Which do you prefer?


  1. UK win for me, the Bulgaria one is lovely though. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. nicole: definitely UK for me, its a beautiful cover :)


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