4 Jan 2013

Get The bone house for free!

On Sunday 6th January 2013, award-winning author Barry Hutchison turns 35. To celebrate this milestone, and because he has never quite gotten the hang of how the whole birthday gift-giving thing is supposed to work, Barry will be giving away his short horror story, THE BONE HOUSE, free on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.

THE BONE HOUSE is a chilling tale about a girl, a boy and an abandoned house in the woods. Horror writer, David Gatward, described the story as “a teenage serial killer played out with echoes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, while author Tommy Donbavand warned readers to “get ready to sleep with the light on.”

The free book giveaway will last for 48 hours from the 6th of January, and Barry will continue to dish out gifts all throughout his birthday – including extracts from his soon to be published new novel, THE BOOK OF DOOM – on his blog at BarryHutchison.com.

The bone house

A chilling horror short story from award-winning author, Barry John Hutchison.

School has broken up and summer is finally here. Fifteen-year-old Laura has plans for six whole weeks of Skyrim and at least one Batman DVD marathon. But when her neighbour and long-time crush, Cethan, takes her into the woods to show her something he has found there, both their lives take a turn for the terrifying...

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