10 Jan 2013

Nail your books (4)

'Nail your books is a feature started by Cristina at The princess of storyland, where we share our book inspired manicures.

My latest manicure is inspired by the UK cover of Dead romantic by C.J. Skuse.

Here's the cover
(Click any of the images to see them full size.)

And here's my nails

How to;

  • Sally Hansen Miracle cure nail strengthener
  • Barry M Teal
  • Rimmel lycra pro Black pearl
  • Andrea Fulerton nail boutique nail striper Black
  • Save the nail wet look top coat
  • Sally Hansen Insta-dri
  • Make-up sponge
  • Finishing touches Nail stickers

Straight away looking at this cover, I got lots of ideas on what I could do with my nails and I'm really pleased with the end result, although I didn't use the best method for the gradient and it came out a bit uneven I think that actually fits the theme of stitching something together, the actual stitches came out well and I'm so glad I remembered at the last minute that I had the skull nail stickers as they were the perfect extra!
What do you think? And if you decide to give any of this a try please come and show me your results!


  1. Love this feature - I am useless at doing girly things lol ((shame as I have 3 girls)) but I adore what you do with your nails

  2. my favourite so far was the morganville nails. sadly i cant wear nail varnish to work.

  3. I think this one has been my favourite so far - it looks fab!! :)

  4. It looks great! I adore that shade of teal blue. If I weren't that bad at nail painting I would totally try this one in a heartbeat. ;)


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