10 Jun 2013

Double click - Review

Click: An online love story book two.
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What's it about?
Fans of the romantic hit Click: An Online Love Story will enjoy another voyeuristic dive into the lives of Renee, Shelley, Ashley, Mark and Ethan, as Double Click picks up with their lives six months later. Are Renee and Ethan soul mates? Does Mark ever go on a date? Has Shelley run out of sexual conquests in Los Angeles? Will Ashley's judgmental nature sabotage her budding relationship? Through a marriage proposal, wedding, new baby and unexpected love twist, Double Click answers these questions and more. Readers will continue to cheer, laugh, cry and cringe following the email exploits of Renee and friends.
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My review
I really enjoyed book one, Click: An online love story, so I've been really anticipating the release of book two and enjoyed it just as much. Double click has all the laughs of the first book, a couple of new characters and some fun twists. The book was an absolute pleasure to read and I got through it in a day! Once again, even though the book is told through emails so you hear about everything after the characters have done it, I didn't feel like I missed anything, its all very realistic like when conversations move onto teasing and messing around because that is how we talk with our friends. I also liked that Ethan is now included in this one too and also someone else new, but I won't spoil. I also thought the addition of email forwards for cute cat pictures and videos was hilarious because don't we all get annoying forwards like that lol.
Amongst all the humour that kept me giggling was also a great and simple story for all of the characters and it was great to see where they went next and if relationships would work out and I even got emotional alongside the girls towards the end of the book.
I really don't know what more I can say that wouldn't just be gushing about how great this book is so I'll leave it at this, if you haven't tried Click: An online love story, then you should and if you have, then you should definitely pick up Double click!

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  1. Holy guacamole! What a great review. Thank you! Thank you! I'm THRILLED you enjoyed Double Click as much as Click. I'm so appreciative of all of your support. Cheers! Lisa Becker


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