19 Feb 2011

Same Difference #2

Here's another trio of matching covers.
The Ice queen by Alice Hoffman, Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
and Luna by Julie Anne Peters.
I like them all but I think I'm more swayed by the lovely gold colours on The Ice Queen. Which do you prefer?

If you know of any cover couples that you wanna tell me about email me at Bookaholics@live.co.uk or use the little form on the 'Same difference' tab.


  1. I like the blue because it has a torn wing and I feel like it might be a little bit of a clue to what is in-store in the book. but I do like the colors in the cold cover

  2. Oh yeah, I hadn't spotted that. Your right, it does add an air of mystery lol

  3. I like Alice Hoffman's cover better.

  4. 3 same covers... *sigh* that's sad...
    they're all pretty though


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