24 Feb 2011

Thankful Thursday #3

That's right, this week I'm actually thankful for a childrens book, not just one either but the whole series!
I first heard of Harry Potter when the first movie came out in 2001, I was 15 at the time and way to cool for a kids movie so I of course avoided it like the plague for many years.
It wasn't until Order of the phoenix was being released on DVD that I became interested because, from the adverts, it looked a lot darker than previous movies. So I bought the box set of the first five movies claiming 'my daughter might like these' and watched them all over five days. And so an obssession began...
Our anniversary was around the corner so I told my husband I wanted the books as my gift, no way was I waiting to find out how it all ended!
I read the last two first, then I read them all from the start... then I read them again. J.K Rowling not only writes a magical set of stories but the plot is so intricate, the characters so lovable and the world so amazing it made the books hard to put down or get off my mind when I wasn't reading them.
I also watched the movies almost daily, forcing my husband and daughter to watch them over and over. I joined websites and mailing lists to find out all the latest movie news and did Harry Potter quizes online, I was completely hooked.
Both the movies that have come out since I've dragged my husband to the very first showings and I've read the books again so many times they're falling apart. It's the series I've reread the most out of any other and I've been sure to start my kids on their Harry Potter 'education' nice and early by showing them the movies over and over and then again lol
I cannot wait until my son is older to pass these down to him, and hope he'll love them like I do.
I'll always be Thankful to J.K Rowling for the magical series that made me realise childrens books aren't always just for children!

What book are you thankful for? Please use the picture and post on your blog, then link to it here so I can read it : )

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Harry Potter is such a fabulous series and it's fantastic that it's a crossover one read by both kids and adults :)


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