17 Feb 2011

Thankful Thursday #2

When I first heard of these books the whole study series was already out and, to be honest, I didn't think much of the sound of them.
But then, out shopping one day, I saw the set for £7 altogether (about US$11 - $12) and couldn't pass up a good bargain! Luckily at the time my tbr pile was still pretty small so I started poison study almost right away, and boy, was I glad I did!
Still new to the genre I'd mostly been reading ya vampire books so this was (literally) a new world for me and my only venture into sci-fi other than Sir Terry Pratchetts Discworld books.
I was hooked fairly quick and loved the strong, resilient character of Yelena who was dealing with the traumas of her past whilst also learning new things about herself and falling in love, talk about multi tasking!
I'd always thought of things set in other worlds, well, kinda hokey and maybe a little geeky (think lotr) but I loved reading about Ixia, and the in the other two books, Sitia and the complete difference between the two places. It was so well mapped out (quite literally, with a map at the start of the book) and described I could imagine being there, both the militant Ixia and the more laid back magical Sitia.
I also didn't find a character I disliked, double act Ari and Janco are still favourites with me now. And I was gripped by the action packed story right to the end.
Needless to say I bought each of the spin-off Glass series books on their release days and read them right away and loved them. And the brilliance of Inside Out solidified Maria V. Snyder as my favourite author. I have to stop myself going all crazed fangirl whenever I talk to her on Facebook and I've been buzzing with excitement all week because Outside in is in the post on it's way to me!
So that's why I'm thankful for Poison study and all the the books following it for bringing me a new side to fantasy and getting my feet wet in sci-fi, leading me to read other great books like Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore.
I really hope there will be more of this world to read about in the future but I'm also really looking forward to the new fantasy series starting next year and will be preordering Touch of power the second I can!

What books are you thankful for? I'd like to encourage other Bloggers to use the picture and write about a book they're Thankful for, then post a link here so I can see : )



  1. I've only read Poison Study so far, but I loved it! The other two are in my TBR shelf right now.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post Misty! I'm very thankful for all my lovely readers - they have been the best part of being a published writer.

    As for a book I'm thankful for - it has to be Nerve by Dick Francis. I was in that limbo between kiddy books and adult books (back where there was no YA section - horrors!) and I was in the library just looking for an entertaining mystery that wasn't too complex and boring - I found Nerve and it was just what I was looking for and there was a whole shelf full of his books waiting for me!

  3. Thanks for reading this and I'm glad you like it : )
    It's always great when you discover a new author with a large back catalogue lol
    I haven't heard of nerve though, will have to look it up


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