1 Aug 2012

UK vs THE WORLD (31)

UK vs. The world is a weekly meme I made up lol.
It's simlair to UK vs. US except the UK covers are battling it out with their foreign counterparts from all over the world, because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

UK vs. Germany
('Und ewig währt der Tag' translates to 'Lasts forever and a day.' - According to Google translate.)

Mist: The UK cover is nice but I love the German one! I love the colours of it mostly and the way the light shines off of the girl, it's a stunning cover, the UK one is very busy but it's pretty.

Ninfa: Both covers are beautiful but they have a different feeling.
The German cover has a very romantic theme and I love how the model stands against the infinite sky, looking back over her shoulder with the sunlight streaming behind her.
The UK cover is different. The roses and thorns are fantastic, and the red of the flowers is a great contrast with the muted white and bluish colours of the model and background.
I think I'd pick up the book with either covers, but perhaps the UK cover is more original so it would definitely draw my eye in a book store.
UK wins :)

Which do you prefer?


  1. Ooh tough decision. They are both so pretty but in different ways. Hmm I think I'm leaning a bit more towards the UK cover


  2. Stolen Night's cover is really nice, it's kind of all packed in but I do like it =)


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