31 May 2012

Same difference (30)

Fallen by Lauren Kate - Fallen book one

I've always loved the cover of Fallen so I'm not surprised that the girl from the cover is out there somewhere else! Though similar, I prefer the Fallen cover, I like the skirt of her dress better and I'm not sure what someone has done to her shoulder blade on Leopard moon but it looks weird. The backgrouds in both are gorgeous and I love both fonts.

Which do you prefer?


  1. I definitely prefer Fallen. That is way to gorgeous a dress to cut out. Plus Fallen is blue and I'm a sucker for blue covers. That said the moon is really pretty on Leopard Moon, although I still prefer the creepy tree/crow thing Fallen has going on :)

  2. I love Fallen. Crisper. , though I like the moon..... Nope, going with my first thoughts. Fallen!! :)


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