6 May 2012

Sunday treats (1)

Sunday treats is my brand new meme hosted here by me!
Each week I will be treating you to a hunky treat to drool over because after a week of hard work you deserve it!
To keep it loosely book related I'll post pictures of actors that have played roles in films or TV programmes made from books, unless a guys just so damn hot I have to post him anyway!
If you wanna join in then just post your own hot guy and come and link back so I can come and drool look.

And here's this weeks guy.

If you don't know already, this is Channing Tatum he played John in the movie version of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and was more recently in the film adaptation of The vow by Kim Carpenter and Krickitt Carpenter.


Go on, comment and tell me what you think of this post... I dare you!

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