15 May 2012

Try it Tuesday (10)

'Try it Tuesday' is a weekly meme hosted here at Bookaholics where each week me and Ninfa take turns to recommend a book we think you should try and why.
This week’s pick is

Dark time by Dakota Banks
Growing up in a 19th-century funeral home might have set the tone for Dakota Banks's life. In her debut fiction, she proves the point by conjuring up an infernal tale about a burned-at-the-stake witch who refuses to let bygones be bygones. Two hundred years of savage carnage later, the demonically inclined Susannah Layton, now known as Maliha, decides that she wants to retire, but unless she can perform some good deeds quickly, she will be consigned to the very hottest parts of hell.

Why I’m choosing this book
Because it's fantastic! Lots of action, mythology, sexy characters and a lot of fun!

Five reasons I love this book
1. Maliha's back story is heartbreaking and I love it.
2. Jake Stackman...one word for you: YUM!
3. The relationships described in the book are so real, it makes the story incredibly involved for the reader.
4. There's a lot of action and some incredible twists in the plot that keep it fast, furious and delightfully fresh.
5. The mythology of the story is just breathtaking: Demons, Ageless Assassins, Gods...it's such a wonderful new world to explore and it definitely drew me in from page 1!

Who I think will love this book
Urban Fantasy lovers will really enjoy this, and anyone that likes a fast, eventful plot with high tech gadgets, a strong heroine and a group of fantastic characters to get to know, in this first installment of "The Mortal Path series"

I hope this inspires you to pick up the book, and if you do
Let me know what you think!

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  1. Steampunk and mythology? Definitely one for me to check out. Does it have erotica in it? Just so I know if I should wait...nice pick though!


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