16 Oct 2012

The hex factor - Review

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What's it about?

Xanthe Fox can't wait to turn thirteen, but as the big day arrives her world starts to fall apart. Set-up at school for something she didn't do, it seems her age-old enemy, Kelly, is making trouble for her...and as things escalate, even her best friend Saul starts to doubt her innocence. With the school threatening to expel her, and mysterious glowing Xs appearing in front of her eyes, Xanthe turns to Grandma Alice for help. But what the old lady tells her will change Xanthe's life for ever...
My review
The hex factor is an imaginative, fun book for younger readers. I really liked the story, it was simple yet a different idea to some other witchy books I've read in the past.
Its only downfall for me was the characters lacked much personality, the dialogue was all similar and short, everybody talked the same and there was no real use of slang or much conversation beyond what needed to be said to move the story along, so I didn't really feel I got to know the characters as much as I could have.
That being said, I did enjoy the book, okay, I guessed the twist pretty early on but then this book is aimed at an audience much younger than myself and I know they likely wouldn't as it was well done.
I liked what the author has come up with in her take on witches and think this will be a great, quick, halloween read for anyone that prefers something a little spooky over horror books. It has a well thought out mythology, a great plot, good pacing and a well rounded story.

My thoughts on the cover
I really like this cover, its dark and fun at the same time and I think it stands out, I love the huge moon and the lightening.

Favourite quotes
'She held up the battered little oval of silver by its chain and cast her eyes over it. On the back she could just make out the faded shape of a letter E engraved into the casing, something she'd not seen when it hung round her great-grandmother's neck. "What d'you think that stands for?" she asked, holding the locket out to her mother.'

'"I am Xanthe Fox," she repeated to herself. "I am a True Witch."'

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  1. This is on my wishlist, I dont read much witchy novels. Always on the lookout. Fab review


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