13 Oct 2012

Between - Quickie review

Heven and hell book 1.5
Available now. 

What's it about?

I grew up in a comfortable house with two parents and a white-picket fence. My brother, Sam, and I used to play with sticks in the backyard and pretend they were swords. There were always cookies on the table and milk in the fridge. Then, one day, things changed.
Sam changed.
Life was never the same again. Sam left. My parents abandoned him when he needed them most, and I was left to survive in a house that was merely a shell of what it used to be. Mom cried all the time and Dad expected me to fill the void my brother left behind. But mostly, all we did was pretend. We pretended that things weren’t messed up. We pretended that Sam never existed.
Until I changed, too.
Now, everything’s a mess and I’m so confused. It’s like there are two different people trapped inside one body—my body—and one of them wants out. I do things. Bad things and I don’t know how to stop. I’m not sure I want to. The only way I can be normal again is if I find Sam. He’ll know what to do.
He has too.
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My review
This short little novella is a great insight into what happened to Logan before we are introduced to him at the end of Masquerade and I really enjoyed it. I really felt I got a glimpse into what his life had been like, how miserable it was and it helped me emphasize with him a lot more than I had before when I'd read Charade because I read these books out of order lol.
I think its a lovely little addition to this great series and whilst your not missing anything major in regards to the storyline if you skip this, it does give you a better prospective on Logan and for that I think it's worth picking it.

My thoughts on the cover
I think this is one of my favourite covers from the series so far, I like the lone character on the train tracks with his head now and the creepy shadow with the red eyes is intriguing to say the least.

Favourite quote
'Underneath it all, one thing repeated like a mantra, eventually lulling me to sleep. I wished my brother was here.'

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