21 Mar 2013

Nail your books (9)

'Nail your books is a feature started by Cristina at The princess of storyland, where we share our book inspired manicures.

This weeks manicure is a little different as it isn't actually inspired by a book but by a book publisher. Today I am visiting Mira ink to attend a blogger party so I decided to do something special with my nails for the occasion.

First here's a look at the publishing imprints logo.

And here's my nails

How to
  • Your preferred base and top coat
  • Barry M nail paint Matte white
  • Rimmel 60 seconds Blue eyed girl
  • Barry M nail paint Amythyst glitter
  • Nail dotter and nail striper brush
-After using a base coat I painted my thumb and ring finger nails in white with a couple of coats to even out the colour.
-Then I painted my remaining three nails on each hand with blue, again two coats.
-Next I painted my now dry, white, ring fingers with the glitter polish and the tip of my right thumb.
-Now the tricky part, I used the small nail dotter to draw the circle, a bit at a time and colour it in, the trick is to get some polish onto the dotter and lightly touch it to the nail instead of pressing it down so the polish comes off, then you can use the dotter to sort of drag the polish and draw your image.
-After the circle was finished and dried, I used the nail striper for the writing, taking my time to carefully do first the big letters and then the little.
-I used the striper again to correct mistakes in the letters and straighten out the circle and the dotter to dot inside the letter 'a'.
-Once I had finally got the logo how I liked it and it dried, I applied a wet look top coat on all nails and used Insta-dri to dry it all up quicker.

Please excuse my stubby ring finger nail which snapped off yesterday :( But I'm really please with this look, getting the logo right took ages and its still a bit messy lol I spent a lot of time going back and forth with the blue and white and the striper brush touching it up. I think it was worth the effort though and am pretty pleased with what I've ended up with, I also love the glitter and mix of colours overall.
What do you think? And please do share if you try the look.

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  1. These are AWESOME!! Very snazzy indeed! I hope you have a blast today!! :)


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