8 Mar 2011

Guest poster - T.J Perkins

Art of the Ninja: Earth is the first book of a 5 book series I call Shadow Legacy. Unlike pirates, vampires and werewolves, I decided to take the one thing that wasn’t yet published to death – ninja. When Shadow Legacy was still in its infancy and I was trying to lay a plot, my son was heavy into martial arts. He had taken many different Japanese styles and his favorite became ninjutsu. I found a traditional ninjutsu school a good ways from our home, but drove him twice a week, every week, for 1 ½ years. I sat and watched the training, the forms of teaching…and absorbed it. I took some of the Kung Fu I had learned in my early 20’s and applied those techniques to what I was witnessing.

Thus Shadow Legacy was born. Being heavy into video games (especially Final Fantasy) and anime, I opted to use those elements to make my ninja unique. The storyline became more fantasy and the plot churned into a soup of back stories and in-depth sub-plots. What started out as one thick novel consisting of 5 sections that represented each of the elements suddenly turned into 5 separate books, each applying the elements and their power, covering the Dark Ninja Arts, Ninja Magic and using the elements in ways not yet discovered.

Art of the Ninja is the introduction book. You meet the characters and touch on their lives, training, weapons and slowly learn about their abilities. But their power and strengths have to grow and manifest and as you read through each book you will discover the levels of power, levels of magic, their special abilities and watch each of them mature and advance and over come evil and obstacles beyond anything they’ve ever faced before. Why is this Shadow Legacy? Because for our young ninja, this is a path even they’re ancestors followed; a legacy to be honored. It’s a gift, a special talent – an Art.

5 Books, 5 Levels of Power, 5 Different Types of Magic – This is a Whole New Revolution

Art of the Ninja: Earth is now available on Kindle.

Soon to be released on Nook, IPad and in trade paper.

Read Chapter 1 on www.authorsden.com/tjperkins

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You can see my review of the book here

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