18 Mar 2011

Guest posters Alice Priday and Annmarie Ager

Ramblings of an addict by Alice Priday and Annmarie Ager from Best books

Hello my name is Alice and yes I'm a book addict.

I started reading when I was 6 but when you are that age you don’t really take anything in so my first real memory of reading was when I was 11 and I discovered Tamora Pierce! I remember the feeling of elation when I first read her book Alanna the first test, I loved it and as soon as I was able to I went out and brought ALL of her books.

After I read her books it was then Diane Hoh and her med centre books that stick out in my memory of loving them and getting them out of the library more than once.

It wasn’t until I discovered Harry Potter that my love for books really took off and now if I don’t buy a book a week I start getting twitches (no joke!)

I have to say that if it wasn’t for Facebook and the lovely book groups I have joined that my addiction really started off, all the new authors I have discovered and all the new books, that I probably would never have brought on my own without all the recommendations I have had, so thank you fellow Bookaholics.

My page Best Books was originally the baby of Annmarie, shes new to the whole book page thing (so am I) but when she asked me for help I had to say yes even though I have no idea what I'm doing lol.

And now enough of my ramblings Annmarie would like to say something...

Hey my name is Annmarie and I'm also a addict
My childhood was a struggle, I hated everything that I was going through.
It was a close friend that gave me my first book, it was in a right state, pages falling apart, front cover nearly coming off. But I read the book like a person needs air.
Books made things change, I could hide in the world of my books and ignore my childhood and while I was reading it took away all the pain I was feeling.
Now, years on, my life is different and I'm happy but I have to read, I could not stop even if i wanted to!

The books I love best are:
the gone series by Michael grant &
Morganville vampires by Rachel Caine

Thank you all for looking at our guest post and we hope to see you on the best books page.
Thanks to misty and the team at Bookaholics Book Club for allowing us to ramble lol

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