30 Sept 2011

End of September R.A.K round-up

Book Soulmates
It's the end of another month and I got a little RAK happy this month!
Here's what I sent
The goddess test to Pamela from At home between the pages
I sent these to Donna at Book passion for life for her birthday
These two I sent to Emma at BelleBooks
I sent these to Jenny who reviews on our Facebook page for her birthday.
And I preordered her a copy of My soul to steal.

I also sent a Vampire Diaries bookmark and my ARC copy of Daughter of smoke and bone to Natalie Cleary cuz she rocks!
And I got
Jenny got me unhooking the moon and Natalie sent me A discovery of witches and Infinity.
Natalie also got me Sweet venom (squeeee) and Emma got me The haunted.
Update (Gods I can't believe I forgot this one!)
From Annmarie at Best books

Such a fabulous month, thank you everyone for my lovely books!
Can't wait for October :)


  1. Wow, you are unbelievably generous! I love the idea of RAK and really want to sign up some month when I know I can actually afford to send people stuff...as it is, I can't even afford to buy books for myself! lol Hopefully soon. :-)

  2. lol I did go a bit nuts!
    You only have to send one though really and it doesn't have to be new either, maybe someone wants something you have sitting on your shelf and don't want, if they also live in Canada all your paying for is the postage so it doesn't cost as much as you think to sign-up :)

  3. you did go a bit RAK happy, that's awesome =D

    My RAK


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