2 Sept 2011

Juliet Immortal travelling book - Sign-up closed

The travelling book is basically like an ARC tour except they aren't ARC books, they're books I've paid for myself to send around the world to everyone who signed-up to read it.
Once each person has read it they write a small comment in the book of what they thought and post it to the next person on the list.
When the book has finished its journey I then send it on to the author as a gift if they are willing to accept it.

So it's the end of sign-up for our latest travelling book which is Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay.
Including myself 40 people have signed-up to read the book! And I've already spoken to the author who has said she'd be thrilled to receive the book when we are finished!

Before I add the list of people in the order the book will be travelling I wanted to refresh you on the rules, the bits in red are new.

1.      You must be willing to pay the postage and packaging fees to pass on the book including international. You can use whichever service you choose but something with tracking is strongly recommended to avoid the book getting lost.
2.      You have a maximum of two weeks to read and send on the book.
3.      You have to let me know when you've recieved the book AND when you send it on so I can keep track and keep everything up to date.
4.      When you've finished reading, write on the inside cover or a blank page your name, where your from and a small comment of what you thought. (If there's no blank space then just write on a piece of paper and slip it between the pages, don't write over the words in the book.)
5.      If you choose to review the book, come back here and post a link to your review or email me the link and I'll include it in the final post with all your comments from the book when it's over. This is optional though.
6.      Also if you want to you can add a postcard from your country or a bookmark or maybe even a book you don't want, as a gift for the next person, then you can but it's not mandatory.
7.      And you must of course be a blog or page follower to participate.
8.      Once sign up is closed I will post the list of people and the order the book will go in here so you can check the status anytime, however I'll contact you when it's your turn so don't provide any postal details until I ask.
9.   When siging-up please provide an email address you check regularly so you don't miss my email and miss your turn, also add bookaholics@live.co.uk to your 'safe' list.
10.  If you get to impatient and decide to read the book ahead of your turn please still receive the book and write in your comment as the book is going to the author.
11.  If you do sign-up and have a blog it would be super awesome if you blogged about it or grabbed the button to help spread the word but you certainly don't have to.

Right that's business out of the way!
Here's the order the book will make it's journey
1.       Me – Birmingham, England
2.       Donna Rushton – Birmingham, England
3.       Tammy Tarpey – Telford, England
4.       Emma Davies – Bridgend, Wales
5.       Stephanie Barker-Drew – Wirral, England
6.       Kayleigh-Marie Gore – Cleveland, England
7.       Emma Timney – Glasgow, Scotland
8.       Siobhan Phinn - Scotland
9.       Louise Pridige – Essex, England
10.   Aimee Coelho – Plymouth, England
11.   Mikila Marshall – UK
12.   Zoë Somers - Belgium
13.   Patricia  Duarte - Spain
14.   Valentine Verlezza – Italy
15.   Urša Bračun - Slovenia
16.   Sotiria Plaga – Athens, Greece
17.   Andreea Copaciu - Romania

Roselyn Caguin – Guam, USA (moved from #34)
18.   Nicole Roslon – Perth, Australia
19.   Yineth – Cartagena, Colombia
20.   Kary Wideman – OK Oklahoma, USA
21.   Valerie Burleigh - LA Louisiana, USA
22.   Rebecka Waller – GA Georgia, USA
23.   Stephanie Karina – FL Florida, USA
24.   Monique Ansari – FL Florida, USA
25.   Caitlin Audet – FL Florida, USA
26.   Janel Mullins – VA Virginia, USA
27.   Kalinia Owens – DE Delaware, USA
28.   Paige Byars – NJ New Jersey, USA
29.   Danielle @ MyMercurialMusings – NJ New Jersey, USA
30.   Ivy Elliot-Delgado – CT Connecticut, USA
31.   Tanya Contois – MA Massachusetts, USA
32.   Dena Johnson – WV West Virginia, USA
33.   Pam Mandigo – KY Kentucky, USA
34.   Roselyn Caguin – MO Missouri, USA
35.   Karen Shipp – IL Ililinois, USA
36.   Dawn Walter – IL Illinois, USA
37.   Dawn Slaughter – IL Illinois, USA
38.   Jessica Wells – OH Ohio, USA
39.   Mindy Macheske – MI Michigan, USA
40.   Kayla Snifeld – ON Ontario, Canada
41.   Back to me – Birmingham, England
42.   Stacey Jay (Author) – CA California, USA
This time the book is travelling in the opposite direction to the other two to make it fair and will be starting with myself, it's already making it's journey from bookdepository to me.

Voting for the next travelling book will begin in October for the book to go out November!


  1. What an awesome idea! It will make the book so special to the author. -- Lisa Lewis Moon

  2. Awesome Misty! I'm second :) Yay! Let me know when your done with it and I can come and pick it up :) Donna

  3. Lol it's cuz you live closest to me and this ones travelling England first, the other two are still wondering around America. It should show up this week and I'll read it right away so shouldn't be long until I'm ready to pass it on to you :)

  4. wooo I'm number 6! Thanks for doing this Misty, really looking forward to reading this one!


  5. Welcome :)

    Wanted to let you know, You'll be sending the book on to Essex instead now though because siobhan had dropped out.


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