5 Sept 2011

Guest post - Suzy Turner - and giveaway

Suzy Turner
The inspiration behind the Raven saga by Suzy Turner.

In 2009 I visited Canada for the first time and boy, was I in for a surprise! It was absolutely spectacular. Growing up in Portugal, I'd only ever seen such incredible landscapes on television and so to see such beauty with my own eyes just blew me away.
My husband and I (and two close friends) spent three weeks travelling all over Alberta and British Columbia, but it wasn't until we visited a small place called Powell River that I was suddenly hit with the idea that it would make the most perfect location for a paranormal story.
As we sat having a picnic on this stunning little bay, my mind went into overdrive. I imagined vampires watching us from the huge trees behind us, changelings appearing in and out of the Pacific Ocean in front of us and werewolves off in the forests in the distance. It was such a magical spot, but eerie at the same time.
Powell river
During our visit to Canada, I was also taken by the number of ravens I saw (and heard) everywhere, which gave me the idea for the book's title.
When I returned home, it wasn't until a few months later that the actual story came to me. It began while I was busy working as Editor of a magazine. I had to stop what I was doing and scribble down some notes. I was actually made redundant from that job shortly afterwards. Was fate trying to tell me something? I guessed it was, so with my husband's support, we decided that I wouldn't search for another job, I would stay at home and write. Months later, Raven was born!
I had a very good friend (and middle grade school teacher) read it for the first time and she loved it! I was amazed. She did, however, suggest I make one major change. The main character, Lilly, needed a friend. And so I went about changing the story to introduce a new character: December Moon.
I'm so glad she suggested it because this character is the main subject of the sequel, aptly entitled December Moon!
Both available now.
And come check out Facebook for a chance to win an ecopy of one of the books.
(You'll find it on our win tab)
The giveaway will be posted here until I can figure out how to get a second tab on Facebook lol

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful giveaway opportunity. I bought Raven this weekend, but do not have December Moon.


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